About Us

Mission Statement

Petroleum Point began business in January 2005 and our goal is to provide the highest level of professional services to our customers. Our motto is to provide solutions for our customer’s concerns and toward that end our dedicated professionals treat each task as if it were their own. It is through our personal involvement and professional attitude toward each task that provides our customers their highest return on their investment.

Petroleum Point is a group of retired government employees who spent their careers working in many financial and personnel disciplines. Our expertise involves the financial management of fuel and related products as well as personnel management. Our personnel range from senior level to mid-level accountants and managers who have worked for the Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Management Team

Joani P. Gohn, President

Joani was named the President of Petroleum Point Data Resources Corporation (PPDRC) on January 1, 2008. Joani managed the financial accounts of a local private school for many years providing her with the financial background to oversee the accounts of PPDRC. For PPDRC, she manages all federal and state (Texas) tax issues, oversees all contracts to include both production and labor and creates the payroll files each month. In addition, she oversees all sub-contractor contracts to ensure labor rates are current and competitive. Joani brings over twenty-five years experience management, accounting and tax issues to the company. Click here to view a complete resume for Joani Gohn.

Richard E. Gohn, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Richard retired from the U.S. Government in 2003. He worked for five (5) different federal agencies and worked a variety of financial management issues to include Cost Accounting, Budget and Auditing. In his 30+ years of federal service, he worked financial issues for a large number of federal agencies to include all branches of the U.S. military. Utilizing his extensive experience in government financials, he established a business-based Cost of Operations structure for the Directorate of Aerospace Fuels allowing for the recovery of overhead expenses. The Directorate of Aerospace Fuels was the fuels manager for the U.S. Air Force worldwide. In 2001, the Directorate was transferred, in part, to the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) (part of the Defense Logistics Agency). Richard worked closely with DESC management to establish the Retail Management Division -- an organization that would manage all retail fuel transactions for the Department of Defense. Richard managed this organization until his retirement in April 2003. Richard oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. He is responsible for all contract negotiations and the financial status of the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, (Accounting) from the University of Montana. Click here to view a complete resume for Richard Gohn.